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Mary Michael Shelley

Folk Art Americana Painted Wood Carvings

Specializing in one of a kind and original art work.

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Tell me if you see my work!
Please let me know if, where and when you see a mention, review or picture of my work. Lots of times I never would know that my work has been on display unless someone tells me that they saw it. Thanks, Isabel, for telling me this summer that there was an article in The New York Times (July 30, 2007) about the New World of Coca-Cola Museum, with a picture of the bottle I did for Coca Cola shown from the back.  And then, recently, a call from Martha saying "did you know your bottle is promininently displayed in the lobby of the museum?" The answer is "No I had no idea until you told me." So thanks.

Why the Waitress on my stationary and Website?
She's really me. She serves food with a smile on her face, even though her feet hurt. Artists serve food too, a different kind of food. For your information, my first job was as a waitress. In the 40 years I've been carving/painting I've made perhaps 200 pictures of diners. After all that standing up and carving, now my feet hurt too.



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